Sunday, January 20, 2013

Trailer for "La Máquina"

Extracts from my juggling Solo "La Máquina" as performed in november '12.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Paganini" on tour

I've been improving my Solo act and had the chance to perform it a few more times since its success on the EJC 2012. These pictures were taken by William van der Voort, when I peformed in the Theater De NWE Vorst in Tilburg last friday. 
A few more performances during the next month are already in negociation. One of them outside of Europe. I am looking forward to that! Stay tuned.

La Collection: a juggling collective

Since summer 2012 I am a member of the girls juggling collective "La Collection". The project was iniciated by the two exceptional jugglers Audrey Decaillon and Isabelle du Bois in october 2011 with the aim to gather a group of high-skilled, female club jugglers to create a show. 
The collective consists now of a core group of five fixed members. Together we are working on a show that will have it's Premiere prospectively in autumn 2013.

In december 2012 La Collection flew to Africa for a few days to perform in the presidential palace of Gabun. The event was held for around 400 handicapped kids and their supervisors. The photos were taken right after the performance: La Collection under the presidential christmas tree and a few kids who came to say hello.